Pic of the Week 11

Posted by on May 11, 2013
Smoking Mt. Mayon on May 9th seen from Darag Church, Legazpi.

Smoking Mt. Mayon on May 9th seen from Darag Church, Legazpi.

I post this picture in the light of recent events here in the Philippines. On May 7th 5 mountaineers, among those three from my country Germany, died on Mt. Mayon, the most active volcano of the Philippines. The eruption happened without warning and the mountaineers and their guide were killed by falling rocks due to an phreatic eruption . I was in Legazpi just 2 days after the event and went up Daraga Church to see how the volcano looks like. At that point the rescue team was still trying to transport the corpses down the volcano.
The incident shows that a volcano is not just a regular mountain, even if the last eruption was a long time ago. We are dealing with mother nature and unfortunately we tend to lose those encounters once it shows its real power. May the dead mountaineers rest in peace.

2 Responses to Pic of the Week 11

  1. Nerija S.

    Amen. I’m so sorry to hear about this.

    • Philipp Dukatz

      In the end it is an volcano..unpredictable. We also thought about climbing it at one point but then my incident at Mt. Bulusan kept me from pursuing that endeavor….maybe for the better…who knows..