Pic of the Week 13

Posted by on June 11, 2013
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Farmer plowing the rice field in an old school way. Shot in the region of Sorsogon.

Now that my computer is running again, I want to continue with another Pic of the Week. This one was taken when Glenda and I returned from our day trip to Paguriran Lagoon. The weather had been rather mediocre the whole day and the lagoon hence couldn’t unfold its true beauty. I actually didn’t picture while we were there. We made the best of it and still had a good time. On the way back with our motorbike we passed this farmer, stoically plowing his field with the help of his ox which is here called a carabao. I actually already saw the guy on the way there and told myself to definitely take this picture if he’ll still be there later. Fortunately he still was and I took the shot – the one and only on that day.

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  1. peter montgomery

    this is the real asia . not sitting on a beach in phuket with another 20,000 tourists . dont forget the batu caves in kl phil .

    • Phil D.

      Hi Peter, you are 100% right with that. That’s why I never went to Phuket although it is a favorite of German tourists as well. I might check out the caves but at the moment I just want to get some things done, arrange my visa for Indo, just relax and catch up on sleep which I have been missing lately. How are you doing? Winter arrived already in AUS?

  2. Explore Mindanao

    Nice photo. This reminds me growing up in the Philippines.

    • Phil D.

      Thanks, it was one of these rather spontaneous shots where I was at the right place at the right time. Driving around the countryside with a motorbike gives you more of those rare opportunities though. Thanks again!

  3. Explore Mindanao

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  4. samokan

    your computer went Kaput? oh my, good to know that it’s fix now 🙂