Pic of the Week 15

Posted by on July 7, 2013
Rice Terraces by dawn on the way to Balian.

Rice Terraces by dawn on the way to Balian.

Never been this timely with the Pic of the Week – this one comes exactly one week after the last Pic. It was taken during a day trip to the little beach town of Balian on Bali’s North Westcoast. It’s a long ride up there and the traffic is crazy. The road is the main connection between Bali’s South and the ferry-port of Gilimanauk, where all the traffic to and from Java gets handled. Hence the road is congested with overloaded trucks and buses. A stressful and very dirty affair. But every here and there you get rewarded by the beautiful scenery on the way. And this is exactly how this picture was taken.
I was riding an hour already and was almost there when I had to take a break. Once I got off the bike, I saw these amazing rice terraces with some farmers walking around in them just starting their work. It reminded me a little of the Ifuago Rice Terraces in the Philippines. The light was perfect since the sun just had come up. Only 5 minutes after taking the shot, my battery went down so I got a little lucky on this one.

5 Responses to Pic of the Week 15

  1. jevbert1234

    what an amazing scenery, great post and photo!

    • Phil D.

      Hey Jev, thanks a lot. I really appreciate your feedback. Glad you liked the shot…like I said, I got a little bit lucky on it.

  2. baneensabz

    Is it possible that you have good luck following you on this trip? Your earlier post about swimming with the Gentle Giants, you got lucky there too and you did again this time.

    • Philipp Dukatz

      Hehe, a little luck is always good, especially in photography. But believe me, I had my share of bad luck as well, Twisted my ankle badly, was sick several times and just recently stepped into a sea urchin. So it’s not all gravy but the good things are more fun to write about 😉