Sabang + Undergroundriver-5170

Posted by on June 25, 2014

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  1. Ross Inciong

    A very touching shot of a woman & a boy far ahead but much within the sight of the man in the foreground. They could all be related in some way or other — which makes this picture quite powerful. (This could be the pocket book cover of another prize-winning love story . . .)

    You have a most sensitive soul, my friend, if I may try to give you a description, a passionate nature lover yourself (perhaps, a poet, too) with an eye for the truth — and, therefore, the beautiful . . .

    We’re happy you visited my country — the Philippines –and found pristine beauty in our land, culture and people. .. .Thank you for coming and do drop us a line at your convenience. . .

  2. john

    Thank you for the visit … Your just awesome..
    Thank you so much .. Even we filipinos some of dont know how beutiful our country is thank you for showing it to the rest..

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