Yangon – Asia like it maybe used to be

So my Myanmar trip was finally about to start. An adventure which I actually planned to do right at the beginning of my trip and which I then postponed due to a lot of  uncertainties. Uncertainties in terms of planning, necessary budget and availability of accommodation due to high season. All the greater was my excitement about … Continue reading »

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Street Art and Cat Frenzy in Penang

After my recent adventures in the wild, it was time to mix it up again and spend some time in a proper city. Malaysia’s colonial gem Penang, renowned for good street food and its street art, seemed to be the place to be on my way up the Malaysian Peninsula. In between I had a … Continue reading »

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Tea Plantations and another trip into the Green Hell

Apart from KL not being my favorite place on this earth, I can generally take big cities for only a limited time before the desire of getting back to the outdoors takes over again. So after a few days in the big city it was about time for me to head back out there to … Continue reading »

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Malaysia’s Finest in colonial Malacca.

After a great time in Indo, I flew over to Singapore to meet friends who had just recently moved there. We had some great two days together but my original plan was to take the bus over to Malaysia which worked out very smoothly I have to say. It was actually the quickest and easiest … Continue reading »

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Funerals, Graves and Buffalos in beautiful Tanah Toraja

I enjoyed my stay in Tentena and was more than glad that I decided to stop there for two nights. However, it was a stopover on my way to the region of Tanah Toraja and it’s main city Rantepao. I heard great things about the area – strange rituals, funeral ceremonies and animal sacrifices, amazing … Continue reading »

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Exploring Northern Luzon – From the Grasslands of Sagada to the Ifugao Rice Terraces

After only half a day in Manila, I made my way up to Baguio, a fairly big town in the North of Luzon, the main island of the Philippines. There I was supposed to meet up again with Dolf and Chris from Belgium whom I had traveled parts of Laos before. After an 8 hours bus ride … Continue reading »

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A week in Phnom Penh, the Pearl of Asia.

After my amazing trip through the rural countryside of Cambodia it was time for some big city life again. I took the bus down to Phnom Penh, not sure what to think. A few people I had met before said it’s basically just a big, chaotic and dirty city which is only for a stay … Continue reading »

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The Mae Hong Song Loop – A Road Trip through Thailand’s remote North West

Still at home in Germany I came across the so called Mae Hong Song Loop – a round trip which is supposed to be the most scenic of Thailand. With its 670 kilometres, more than 1865 curves and a route exploring the more remote parts of Thailand’s North, it seemed like the perfect adventure. I … Continue reading »

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Chiang Mai – Relaxation, Temples, Buddhism and Good People

After Remy and I went different ways in Ayutthaya, I headed up North to Chiang Mai. I took the night bus which took about 9 hours and arrived at Chiang Mai at 7 in the morning. Difficult to find a place at that time of the day. I eventually found a place which was a … Continue reading »

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Ayutthaya Temples and a crazy Thai experience

Coming from Kanchanaburi I teamed up with Remy from France to go to Ayutthaya by bus. Remy and I had met in Bangkok at the Tan Ling Chan floating market and bumped into each other on another market in Kanchanaburi. The world is small…. On the bus we met Sameli from Finland whom I had … Continue reading »

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