My top 3 motorbike tours in Southeast Asia

As you know by now, since my yearlong trip across Southeast Asia I am a huge fan and advocate of traveling and exploring by motorbike. I probably rode a bike at least once in every country I visited and every single time it made for an unique and unforgettable experience. It is about the feeling … Continue reading »

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A tribute to my travel mates!

It has been more than two months travelling with my mates Dolf and Chris from Belgium and time has been flying by. What started with a brief small talk in a remote fishermen’s village in Laos, marked the start of an incredible adventure and finally turned into true friendship. Although we have split already a … Continue reading »

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Roundup Laos: Loops, Landscapes and Laziness

Laos has been the country of impressive nature and monumental landscapes. The sea of clouds on Phongsaly, the karst mountains in the North and Center of Laos as well as the mighty Mekong accompanying my journey from North to South.   To top it off, Laos treated me with majestic waterfalls and gigantic caves. There … Continue reading »

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Pic of the Week 6 and 7

I am way behind with the Pic of the Week category again. My apologies for that. I selected two great pictures representing the Pic of the Week 6 and 7. This time no temples, no sunsets and no people. It’s all about the animals. Here you go! This was taken during my lengthy stay on … Continue reading »

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Don Dhet and the 4.000 Islands – The total Mekong Experience

After having done the Takhek Loop by motorbike followed by another motorbike trip around the Bolaven Plateau, Chris, Dolf and I were exhausted. Riding had just took its toll and we were ready for some days of relaxation and idleness. The 4.000 islands and especially the island of Don Dhet in the middle of the … Continue reading »

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The Thakhek Loop by Motorbike – 3 Days through Karst and Caves

Having left Luang Prabang, I was looking forward to meet Chris and Dolph again. Our plan was to meet in Thakhek where we would base ourselves to go on a 3 day motorbike tour – the renowned Thakek Loop. Before getting there, I first had to take a horrible bus ride though… probably the worst … Continue reading »

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Luang Prabang – City of Sunsets

After having split from the two Belgians Chris and Dolf  in Nong Khiaw, I made it to Luang Prabang in the afternoon. I was supposed to catch up with the guys again at 6 pm. since they had to drive down from Nong Khiaw with their motorbikes. Luang Prabang was said to be a touristy … Continue reading »

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Pic of the Week 5

This was taken in the evening of my first day in Luang Prabang. The two Belgians Chris and Dolf had split in Nong Khiaw in order to meet up again in Luang Prabang at 6 pm that same day. They had to ride their motorbikes down and I took the local bus. After I got … Continue reading »

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Boat Trip to paradisical Muang Ngoi Neua

We left Phongsaly, the city above the clouds, early to get the bus to Hat Sa. From there it would be a two day boat ride with an overnight stop in Muang Khua. Our final destination being Muang Ngoi Neua, a supposedly blissful fisher village at the banks of the Nam Ou River. But first … Continue reading »

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Phongsaly – Misty Days in Laos’ wild North

I get up very early and as I leave my guesthouse, it is foggy and drizzling again – a phenomenon that seems to be typical in Laos and which I still have to get used to. The already not so charming town of Oudomxai presents itself grey and depressing. Tired and weary, I arrive at … Continue reading »

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