How to best save for Travel

Let’s face it! It doesn’t matter where we go or how cheap we travel, traveling will always cost money. Nothing is for free in this world and traveling is sure neither. Having said that, I get a lot of comments from people saying they would love to travel but just can’t afford it. But even … Continue reading »

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Interview with award winning travel photographer Timothy Allen Pt. 2

Last week I introduced you to Timothy Allen, one of today’s most renowned travel photographers. Timothy is probably best known for his work with the BBC’s Emmy awarded landmark televisions series Human Planet. He is a multi-award winning photographer having been commended 13 times in various categories in the prestigious Travel Photographer of the Year … Continue reading »

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A big Thank You and an even bigger Apology

Yesterday I received a huge amount of kind feedback, messages and Likes by Filipinos from at home and abroad. It is unbelievable and I never thought that this would take off as it did. The article I shared here with all of you was just my humble way of saying thank you and giving back … Continue reading »

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Editor’s pick at National Geographic Photo Contest

One of my two entries at the 2014 NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Traveler Photo Contest got nominated as editor’s pick of the week. I didn’t even know about it until Sree, one of my blog readers who is also participating, told me about it. So it was quiet a surprise and a very pleasant one. The image … Continue reading »

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ESCapology on Digital Photography School. Improve your Travel Photography

As I started out my trip, my biggest struggle in terms of photography was taking good portraits. It seemed like every time I was taking photographs of people, the outcome was never what I was aiming and hoping for. It was frustrating sometimes as I came across the most unique situations, beautiful and photogenic, and just … Continue reading »

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Heading North – 10 things to do in Mandalay

After having explored the amazing temples of Bagan, I was bound for Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city. Mandalay is the economical hub of upper Myanmar and considered the center of Burmese culture. There are several ways from Bagan to Mandalay nowadays, buses, boats and even domestic flights. I originally planned on taking the boat upriver … Continue reading »

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Update: Back in Germany … what now?

This might come surprising and sudden for most of you. I am already back in Germany having arrived last weekend. It was a rather spontaneous decision – I had booked the flight just a week before my departure from Bangkok. There were several reasons for this seemingly abrupt return which in the end wasn’t even … Continue reading »

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ESCapology featured Online and in local Newspaper

This post is a rather unusual one as I usually just write about my experiences and adventures while traveling here in South East Asia. Apparently my trip has sparked some interest and this time others have been writing about me and my journey. That is awesome and I am happy to share with you guys … Continue reading »

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Help! Laptop Breakdown

Hello friends, followers and readers, this time no pictures and no travel tales from this side but a cal for your help. My computer recently broke down and it seems that it doesn’t get any electricity. Since the charger is working, I think it is the mainboard inside which has a problem. I know that … Continue reading »

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Surfing a Secret Spot in Catanduanes

After I had split with Dolf and Chris, I decided to extend my stay in the Philippines and go back to Gubat, Sorsogon. During our stay there for Holy Week I had made good friends who were proposing to host me for a while. Life in Gubat is relaxed and laid back and the best … Continue reading »

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