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Last days on the road – Time to reminisce

The temples of Angkor were supposed to be the last real highlight of my journey which by that point already lasted more than 10 months. As my funds were running low, I realized that the time to think about my return had finally come. So far, I had been able to successfully suppress these thoughts … Continue reading »

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Roundup Thailand: Good Food, Nice People and 1860 Curves

I didn’t intend to stay that long but it’s been almost a month in Thailand. That alone is already a pretty strong statement and  I can say Thailand has been really good to me again. This time I decided to skip the South and the islands and focus on Central, and even more on Northern Thailand. That … Continue reading »

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Pic of the Week 2 and 3

Being a bit busy, on the road for 7 days doing the Mae Hong Song Loop by motorbike and having to deal with a crashed laptop, I wasn’t able to post the last pictures of the week timely. So a little late, I present the picture of the weeks 2 and 3. This was shot during my … Continue reading »

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The Mae Hong Song Loop – A Road Trip through Thailand’s remote North West

Still at home in Germany I came across the so called Mae Hong Song Loop – a round trip which is supposed to be the most scenic of Thailand. With its 670 kilometres, more than 1865 curves and a route exploring the more remote parts of Thailand’s North, it seemed like the perfect adventure. I … Continue reading »

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Chiang Mai – Relaxation, Temples, Buddhism and Good People

After Remy and I went different ways in Ayutthaya, I headed up North to Chiang Mai. I took the night bus which took about 9 hours and arrived at Chiang Mai at 7 in the morning. Difficult to find a place at that time of the day. I eventually found a place which was a … Continue reading »

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Ayutthaya Temples and a crazy Thai experience

Coming from Kanchanaburi I teamed up with Remy from France to go to Ayutthaya by bus. Remy and I had met in Bangkok at the Tan Ling Chan floating market and bumped into each other on another market in Kanchanaburi. The world is small…. On the bus we met Sameli from Finland whom I had … Continue reading »

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Pic of the Week 1: Ayutthaya – Wat Chaiwathanaram

Ok, this is the premiere – the first Picture of the Week of this trip. So here we go… This was taken at Wat Chaiwathanaram, part of the historical park in Ayutthaya. The park contains several ancient temple and monastery ruins which were declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 1991. Between 1350 and 1767 … Continue reading »

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Kanchanaburi. Waterfalls and a Dark Part of History

After another eventful day in Bangkok, I boarded the train to Kanchanaburi. The city with striking contrasts – beautyful nature and a not so old but very dark and moving part of history. Most people recommended me not to take the train since it was supposed to be slow, loud and uncomfortable. For me, that … Continue reading »

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Bangkok. Good to be back, glad to leave!

Bangkok, it’s always been sort of a Love / Hate relationship. And this time it hasn’t been any different. I made it safely to Suvarnabhumi Airport and decided to this time take the train and a connecting bus into the district of Banglamphu. No overpriced taxi this time. At the train station one of these … Continue reading »

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