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Reflections about tourism – The big paradox

There are two sides to everything. Good and bad, black and white, light and shadow and a whole lot of different shades of those. Traveling is no exception here. Especially during my year-long journey across Southeast Asia I developed what you could call a differentiated approach to tourism and travel. On the one hand it … Continue reading »

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Bangkok. Good to be back, glad to leave!

Bangkok, it’s always been sort of a Love / Hate relationship. And this time it hasn’t been any different. I made it safely to Suvarnabhumi Airport and decided to this time take the train and a connecting bus into the district of Banglamphu. No overpriced taxi this time. At the train station one of these … Continue reading »

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Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope evryone had a great start into 2013. May it treat us well with lots of luck, success, new friends and lots of interesting experiences. But most importantly, I hope we will all stay fit and healthy – easily forgotten sometimes but so essential.

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A Bitter Sweet Symphony: My Last Day of Work

It was looming since quite a while, but because I had been so busy and occupied with preparations, I was able to fade out the unavoidable. My last day of work, saying good bye to my co-workers and ending an important stage of my life. As the day inevitably approached, I more and more realized … Continue reading »

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What if Money didn’t matter?

As mentioned in my first article and in the About page, it wasn’t an easy decision to basically leave everything behind to go travelling. After all I had been working for a while, had established a certain professional expertise and had been offered an extension of my employment contract at a renowned company. I think taking … Continue reading »

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Need motivation to go travelling? Here you go!

As I pointed out in my About-Page, I quit my job in market communications to go travelling Southeast Asia. Although it was a dream which I had for a long time and the situation to take this step was objectively right, I still had a hard time deciding to do it. Looking back at it, coming … Continue reading »

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