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Update: Back in Germany … what now?

This might come surprising and sudden for most of you. I am already back in Germany having arrived last weekend. It was a rather spontaneous decision – I had booked the flight just a week before my departure from Bangkok. There were several reasons for this seemingly abrupt return which in the end wasn’t even … Continue reading »

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Roundup Thailand: Good Food, Nice People and 1860 Curves

I didn’t intend to stay that long but it’s been almost a month in Thailand. That alone is already a pretty strong statement and  I can say Thailand has been really good to me again. This time I decided to skip the South and the islands and focus on Central, and even more on Northern Thailand. That … Continue reading »

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Seeing the beauty around you Pt. II

Last week’s post was about keeping your eyes open for the beauty that’s around you. I really like the concept and hence wanted to write a bit more about it and post some more pictures. Doing as described will train your eye for that upcoming big trip and will eventually help you to take better … Continue reading »

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Seeing the beauty around you

Usually you go on a holiday to see something new and exciting. To break out of the daily routine and indulge in the beauty and exoticness the destination has to offer. I will let in you in on a secret. If you look around consciously and keep your eyes open, there is plenty of beautyful things … Continue reading »

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Need motivation to go travelling? Here you go!

As I pointed out in my About-Page, I quit my job in market communications to go travelling Southeast Asia. Although it was a dream which I had for a long time and the situation to take this step was objectively right, I still had a hard time deciding to do it. Looking back at it, coming … Continue reading »

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